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Building a Cannabis Dispensary in Arkansas

Arkansas Cannabis Legal Status: Medical Sales are Legal

There are three main governing bodies of Arkansas cannabis: The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission (MMC), the Arkansas Beverage Control (ABC), and the Arkansas Dept of Health. Additionally, construction is governed by the local municipal building department.

Building Code

Building a dispensary in Arkansas is subject to both local municipal code, the universal building code and also the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (ABC). The final Arkansas cannabis building inspections are done through the local municipal building department but operation approval also must pass inspection by the ABC.

Below is a section of the Rules and Regulations governing cannabis construction and approvals:

Dispensaries and cultivation facilities shall be subject to reasonable inspection by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division.

a. The Director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration or the Director of Alcoholic Beverage Control Enforcement, or an enforcement agent, may:

i. Inspect, without the need for a search warrant, the licensed premises of a dispensary or cultivation facility, including any marijuana and marijuana product on the premises, equipment used in cultivating, processing, testing, or storing

b. marijuana establishment’s records required by these rules and computers, at any time;

  1. Issue a written report or notice of his or her findings;
  2. Exercise law enforcement powers, if authorized, and take any other action the Director of Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration or Director of Alcoholic Beverage Control Enforcement determines is necessary; and
  3. Enlist the assistance of any law enforcement officer not directly employed by Alcoholic Beverage Control Enforcement toward performance of these enforcement duties.

A dispensary or cultivation facility, and any licensee, employee, or agent shall cooperate with the Director of Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration, the Director of Alcoholic Beverage Control Enforcement, an enforcement agent, an employee of the board, or assisting law enforcement officer, acting in an official capacity to enforce the laws related to marijuana, including but not limited to:

  1. Permitting entry upon and inspection of the licensed premises; and
  2. Providing access to records required by these rules and computers, when requested by the Director of Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration, or the Director of Alcoholic Beverage Control Enforcement, or an enforcement agent, or an assisting law enforcement officer.

RR 4.2.
cultivation facilities shall notify the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division of their intent to commence operations. The Alcoholic Beverage Control Division shall conduct a thorough inspection of the premises for the following:

a. Verify possession and accuracy of detailed plans and elevation drawings required in RR 6.2 and RR 7.2;

  1. Verify connection and accessibility to the Inventory Tracking System;
  2. Verification of operational alarm and video surveillance systems;
  3. Verification of secure locks throughout the facility;
  4. Verification of controls to limited access areas;
  5. Verification of compliance with perimeter restrictions;
  6. Any existing personnel records as required by RR 19.4; and

Inspection required prior to operation. All licensed dispensaries and

h. Review initial inventory required by RR 10.1, and verify for accuracy.

Security Requirements

  1. A vault:
    1. The walls, floors, and ceilings of which vault are constructed of at least eight (8) inches of reinforced concrete or other substantial masonry, reinforced vertically and horizontally with one-half (1⁄2) inch steel rods tied six (6) inches on center, or the structural equivalent to such reinforced walls, floors, and ceilings;
    2. The door and frame unit of which vault shall conform to the following specification or the equivalent: thirty (30) man-minutes against surreptitious entry, ten (10) man- minutes against forced entry, twenty (20) man-hours against lock manipulation, and twenty (20) man-hours against radiological techniques;
    3. Which vault, if operations require it to remain open for frequent access, is equipped with a “day-gate” which is self-closing and self-locking, or the equivalent, for use during the hours of operation in which the vault door is open;
  1. The walls or perimeter of which vault are equipped with an alarm system as described in RR 6.4.
  2. The door of which vault is equipped with contact switches; and
  3. Which vault has one of the following: Complete electrical lacing of the walls, floor and ceilings; sensitive ultrasonic equipment within the vault; a sensitive sound accumulator system; or other such device designed to detect illegal entry.

Zoning Law

All dispensaries must be 1500 feet away from churches, schools, and daycares.

All grow facilities must be 3000 feet away from churches, schools, and daycares.

The Arkansas medical marijuana dispensary zones are split into 8 zones.

Arkansas Cannabis
Trade Associations

Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association (ACIA)

“The Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association (ACIA) is a 501(c)(6) cannabis industry trade association advocating for laws, regulations, and public policies that foster a healthy, professional and accountable medical cannabis industry in the state of Arkansas.”

Their mission has four main components:

  • Advocating for the Industry
  • Education
  • Bringing the Industry Together
  • Protecting Patients

Contact email for the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Organization:

[email protected]

Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association

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