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Craft Cannabis and The New Retail Market

As most beer lovers know, the past decade was a boom for the craft beer industry.

Nothing against old reliables like Budweiser, Miller or Coors, but as more and more microbreweries popped up, the originality and talent of the craft brewers seemed to be limitless.

Craft Anything

But the ‘craft’ experience is not just limited to just beer. Coffee has become an artisanal experience, both for hot and cold brews, with brewers paying careful attention the slow roasting of coffee beans for the best ‘notes’ and releasing limited small batches.

On the foodie side of things, every town in America now has a farm-to-table restaurant. And as consumers, we all benefit. Now that Cannabis is becoming legal and mainstream, so is the Craft Cannabis market. 

Craft Cannabis

Cannabis Leaf

What exactly is Craft Cannabis? There’s no true definition but Craft Cannabis is seen as more artisanal.

It’s typically hand crafted in small bloom rooms using strictly organic methods. More specifically this means that Craft Cannabis growers avoid pesticides and artificial lights.

Craft Cannabis is typically hand trimmed in lieu of being machine trimmed. Some believe this process retains certain chemicals and therefore the plant’s potency and medicinal value. 

Handpicking cannabis
An example of hand-trimming cannabis plants.

Retail Space for Craft Marijuana

At Grow America Builders, one of our key design components is creating retail space for artisan and craft cannabis. When our dispensary customers come to us for advice, we always try to reserve some retail space for Craft Cannabis based on three primary concepts.

#1: The Product

First, set aside at least a small space for Craft Cannabis product. This could be a limited section, for example:

  • in a display case
  • an aisle endcap
  • an entire wall

It really depends upon the local market.

Craft coffeeshop example
A coffeeshop example of a craft section.

#2: Kits

Secondly, we recommend selling start-up growing kits for interested customers.

For many years, Cannabis consumers were unable to grow their own product but as states have peeled back prohibition, many now allow a certain amount of plans to be grown at home.

Just like craft beer, individuals may find that they enjoy the hobby of doing it themselves.

A craft beer consumer could purchase a brew at home kit at almost any retailer and make his or her own ‘chocolate stout’ or ‘grapefruit IPA’ based on their palate. Similarly, a Cannabis connoisseur may want to use their originality and combine their favorite strains. 

#3: Education

And lastly, many of our dispensary customers are setting aside space for educational seminars for their customers.

These seminars are usually limited for newer marijuana consumers who want to learn about the benefits of Cannabis. However, we recommend utilizing these spaces from time to time for Craft Cannabis workshops, where curious customers can learn how to grow their own Cannabis.

Cannabis pots samples

Looking to the Future

For many years, the Cannabis community relied solely on Craft Cannabis as the only option available.  Even with the current legislation legalizing Cannabis, there is still very much a place for it.

Cannabis consumers are sophisticated about strains, and one of the unique aspects of the cannabis community is they are out to help each other thrive and come up with the next great strain. 

If someone thinks they have the knowledge and ability to create that next great strain, now a Cannabis retailer can also provide them with the tools.

Just like microbreweries and craft coffeehouses, which have popped up in every city in America, craft Cannabis is here to stay as well.