Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina

Cannabis Chef Spotlight: Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina

We sat with award-winning Cannabis Chef Jarod Farina for a quick QnA session. Jarod, owner of Dine with Roilty, specializes in bringing fine dining to the Cannabis industry. Curating infused dining experiences in the state of Colorado. They are also well known for their cooking with cannabis classes that are built for any skill level of cook or chef.

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GAB: Thanks for taking time to chat, we’ve been wanting to sit down with you for a long time. When and how did you start cooking with cannabis?

Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina: Thanks for having me. I started back in high school, bags of scwhag mixed into cakes and brownies. We soon started working with better weed and making higher quality edibles.

GAB: So thankful those days of scwhag are over. Our kids will never know what it’s like to separate out stems and seeds. Were you only interested in cannabis infused cooking or did you ever work in the non cannabis culinary world? 

Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina: I spent a lot of time working both front and back of house in many restaurants, and even was lucky enough to cook in the only 3 Michelin star rated kitchen in Vegas, Joel Robuchon. I have also been making edibles for myself and friends since high school.

GAB: When did you know you were going to be exclusively a cannabis chef?

Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina: It wasn’t until about 2015 that I dived into this profession head on. I competed and won the High Times Top Cannabis Chef and that started us on this path and journey. Since than we have reached many new pinnacles and are always learning as we build and strive to provide the highest quality infused dinner experiences and cooking classes.

GAB: The High Times Top Cannabis Chef is legit, that’s the real deal! The cannabis infused culinary industry is really taking off. Who are some cannabis chefs who inspires you?

Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina: I draw a lot of inspiration from Chef Thomas Keller and Guy Savoy for their simplistic, yet ultra-delicious style, and Grant Achatz for his innovative and creative take on food.

GAB: I’ve spoken with a few other cannabis chefs and I know that every dish is your baby, but what’s your number one favorite dish to infuse with cannabis? 

Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina: If you’re going to make me choose, and it seems like you are, I would have to say Pasta. I studied pasta and sauces while in Italy and I am Italian so I guess it’s a no brainer, plus who wouldn’t love an infused pasta right now!

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GAB: I’d love to hear more about your time in Italy and eat some of your infused pasta, but we’ll save that for next time. What’s your procedure for infusing cannabis?

Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina: Living in a legal recreational state and having full access to whatever I want, I would have to say that our go to method is using distillate and/or co2 oil. These products are already fully decarbed, and it saves us time upon arrival as we host a lot of private infused dinners and infused catered events. I use a double boiler method and we usually use a high-end olive oil for the infusion. There is a video and more information on my methods, tricks, and techniques on our website.

GAB: One of my best friends has the highest tolerance out of anyone I know – he could probably give Snoop and Willie Nelson a run for their money – but I have an oddly low tolerance when it comes to edibles. How do you cook for someone like him and someone like me at the same meal?

Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina: Our guests have all types of wants and expectations and we try to over deliver every time. If I have a party of 6 for instance, two of the guests might want to go to the moon, two might want to take it light and be more cautious. With our techniques we can cater to everyone, literally down to each specific guest. 

GAB: That’s good to know. And do you offer only infused options? What if someone doesn’t even want to get high?

Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farnia: Just as we can customize to different tolerances, we can provide a personalized dining experience for anyone who doesn’t want to consume cannabis. 

GAB: That’s great, so you can even cater to the non smokers at the table?

Chef Jarod Roilty Farina. Absolutely.

GAB: I’ve attended more than my share of cannabis infused dinner parties, and they’re a blast. Does  “Dine with Roilty” offer any other cannabis culinary services?

Chef Jarod Roilty Farina: For sure. We’re definitely known for our private infused dinner parties, but we also offer cooking classes where we teach you how to cook with cannabis. 

GAB: That sounds so fun. What a great way to start off the night for a bachelor or bachelorette party, or for a date night. 

Chef Jarod Roilty Farina. Our clients have a blast, no doubt. 

GAB: Do you guys do catering?

Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina: We do. We offer catering for larger events and we even do drop off hot options for travelers on the go. 

GAB: So you offer much more than just cannabis infused dinner parties. 

Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina: Yep, absolutely. We really want to give the cannabis consumer as many options to enjoy high quality food with cannabis infusion. 

GAB: If someone reading this wants to find you to schedule a dinner party or catering, what’s the easiest way?

Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina: On our website there are forms to fill out, or just send an email to [email protected]. We are also available via phone for anyone that wants some quick answers or immediate service. Our number is 303-681-5063.

GAB: And will you travel to do dinner parties and catering to any state where adult use cannabis is legal?

Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina: Yes, we do travel. There are fees associated with this, for more info just contact our booking team. We would love to help design your next dream event with you.

GAB: Thanks so much Chef, this was great. I hope to be eating your pasta in the real near future.

Jarod Farina

After winning High Times Top Cannabis Chef, Jarod started throwing private dinners coined “Dine With Roilty”. Along with recently becoming a finalist on Chopped 420, Chef Roilty has also been featured on Bravo’s Southern Charm, and NBC Chicago News. Internet outlets he has appeared on include Thrillist: Send Foodz and many others. Keep reading to learn more.

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Dine with Roilty specializes in curating fine dining events within the cannabis community, offering 3-7 course infused and non-infused dinner experiences. Chef Roilty and his team have been creating cannabis events in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas since 2015.