Progress on Midway Dispensary

Construction Begins: Midway Dispensary

We are excited to announce that our newest cannabis construction project is underway; The Midway Dispensary in Chicago, Illinois. Upon completion, Midway will be a 4,800 square foot dual use dispensary, serving both medicinal and recreational customers.

Midway Dispensary IL

We’ll be blogging our progress as we move from phase to phase until completion. Keep checking back for progress pics and updates. We hope to see you at Midway Dispensary on opening day in the very near future!

Phase One: Demolition

Future Dispensary Front Door

This will soon become the front entry vestibule (the front entrance).

Mike Kaulentis Working on Grow America Builders Project

Managing partner, Mike, getting his hands dirty spraying privacy paint to keep prying eyes out!

Wall demolition on Midway Dispensary

Walls are coming down quickly.

Progress on Midway Dispensary

Demolition crew is hard at work clearing out all interior walls, leaving only support columns.

Building Midway Dispensary

Time for an end-of-day clean up.

Dump trucks at Midway Dispensary Construction Project

The dumpsters are coming fast and furious!


Anyway, that’s all for this progress report. Continue to the next report!