New floors of Midway Dispensary Covered for protection

Midway Dispensary Construction: Phase Two

Phase two of the Midway Dispensary in Chicago, Illinois is complete, and the final completion phase is underway.

Read phase one first if you missed it!

Over the last couple of months, we installed the massive HVAC system, passed all city inspections, drywalled, built the vault, and polished the concrete floors.

Midway Dispensary IL

Over the next few weeks we’ll be painting, taking delivery of all display counter and wall coverings, as well as trimming out all plumbing and electrical, and of course, the security system.

Check back soon for updated pics of the finished product, and we better see you there on opening day!

See What We’ve Done

In order to save time we overlapped many of the trades; hvac technicians and pipe fitters working concurrently on one side while our awesome carpenters kept framing on the other side.

Drywallers had Midway rocked and taped within days. These guys don’t mess around.

Polishing Concrete

We kicked everyone out and polished the concrete floors for two weeks; even when ComEd disconnected our power, our guys brought in their own generator to keep on pushing ahead.

Dispensary Construction
Floors are protected until opening

Floors look great! But for protection, they’re covered until opening day.


Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out for our final report!